Beta Leather About us

Beta-Mod Leather Instury Co.,

Beta Mod Deri, a leading brand in Turkish leather industry, has been established since 1965.

Beta Mod Deri uses only the highest skilled craftsmen and health conscious chemicals for the production of our top quality leather and leather clothing.

We employ 100 skilled workers in our 6.000 m² tannery we employ 150 workers in tailoring facility.

As a company contributing to the export of Turkey, our aim is to understand the needs and desires of our customers and inturn we create the right solutions to satisfy their needs. Our garments provide our customers with timeless and modern styles and an outstanding quality.

To provide our customers with only the best, we select and import leather from New Zelland, Nigeria, Italy and England. Our capacity is 2.000.000 skins/year and 80.000 pc. of clothing/year, are exported mostly to Canada, Germany, Austria and Holland.

for more information Beta-Mod Leather Instury Co.,
info@beta-leather.com or +90.232.459 50 60